“We are all creators. What a gift!
So much joy and healing come from using our hands, and so I paint.

I paint for the joy of knowing that each color will make me feel something, and when the colors dance together, magic happens.

The gift of abstract art is its energy and its ability to speak to each viewer differently; to give the viewer what he or she longs to feel: calm, hope, happiness, connection, excitement, love. Art in any form offers respite from the noise of life, yet invites us to open our minds, to imagine, to step back into our childhood shoes .. even for a moment.” ~Kit

I welcome commissions of any size, to match any decor. Please feel free to contact me; I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

Painting rentals are also available.

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Phone: 617.281.2716


About Kit Casey:

Kit is an abstract painter with a background as an accomplished illustrator and graphic artist. Her paintings are vibrant and moving and reflect her expertise in the use of color and building strong and expressive compositions and textures. There is undeniable energy in the ways she applies paint, with layers of colors and shapes that tell a story and radiate a transformative, loving energy.


Kit completed her BA in Commercial Art & Illustration at The American College, Atlanta, Georgia. Along with private collections, her work has been featured at the First Congregational Church of Norwell, MA and Laura’s Art Center, in Hanover, MA. She is a member of the North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA, Fourth Floor Artists, Rockland, MA, and the curated online galleries Art Specifier and the Healing Power of Art & Artists Gallery. She is co-author of The Little Book on Grief with Iris Bolton.