18 x 24" acrylic house paint on stretched canvas
I've learned that surrender is the most painful, yet most important, part of the co-dependent recovery process--but it's hard to understand it unless you've lived it. You reach an emotional place of all~consuming overwhelm & despair, of absolute exhaustion after trying everything in your power to fix ... and there's nothing left to do but surrender. Surrender a person, a situation, a habit. Surrender to someone or something hopefully more powerful than yourself. Spirit, God, the universe, anything or anyone out there who'll listen and take the worry off your heart & release you from the burden of a belief that you have the power to save someone.
I painted "Surrender" at this stage of my daughter's addiction. It's simple & complete. The blue acrylic house paint is calming like the night sky filled with stars, filled with possiblities & hope.
Each night, before we turn off the lights, no matter where we are, my daughter & I say to each other "to the moon and through the stars, I love you". After so many overdoses, I just need to hear her voice at the end of the day. 

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