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I am an abstract artist & paintthrower; I throw tempera & acrylic on canvas. What began as a desperate response to my daughter's addiction, has become my passion & joy ..and she is my biggest fan.

I've learned that whatever is in my head or heart will appear on the canvas. There is an undeniable energy that comes from thrown paint-- it has a mind & dance all its own, and I am but the vessel through which it transforms from idea & emotion to beauty & art. ~Kit

Kit’s paintings have been described as “a dance of vibrant color that will inspire. Her paintings are reminiscent of Spring; their abstract beauty, refreshment to the senses, will leave you smiling." 

Kit Casey completed her BA in Commercial Art & Illustration at The American College, Atlanta, Georgia. Along with private collections, her work has been featured at the First Congregational Church of Norwell, MA and Laura’s Art Center, in Hanover, MA where she sits on the Advisory Council. She is a member of the North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA, Fourth Floor Artists, Rockland, MA, and the curated online galleries Art Specifier and the Healing Power of Art & Artists Gallery. Her work is also sold at Expressions, an artisans’ cooperative in Scituate, MA.

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